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Enjoy your life without worrying about what's going on
in the financial markets: that's our goal for you!

Are we right for you?

We deliver the greatest value to those whose financial needs align with our expertise.

If you:

And you want to:

Feel stressed, anxious, worried
Feel calm, secure, and energized
Live according to the whims of the stock market, unsure of what your portfolio can afford to lose
Know exactly how much you can afford to lose and what to do in a  worst-case scenario
Are exposed to potential conflicts of interest

Have financial products tailored to your needs
Are confused
Find clarity
Are easily swayed and unsure of what you really needTake back control
Don't question how you manage your moneyBe fully aware of your financial reality
Feel unable to take charge of and understand your financesTake full control of your investments, right here, right now
Don't know how to evaluate or improve your current advisor's work
Build a transparent and straightforward partnership
Invest based on speculation, increasing the risk of error and uncertaintyInvest using academic research, not forecasting
Pay high fees or expensive financial productsSave between 1% and 3% compared to a traditional portfolio
Buy into the financial myth
Break free of misinformation

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"With Lyra, I feel safe. They make finance accessible for me, they help me take the good decisions. Their tools are accurate and educational." E.A.

"We both feel that with this help, we can spend our time doing what we love and are best at... working with children, planting gardens... and still feel that we are being responsible about finances." C.d.W.

"It's the first time a financial advisor has actually taken me into account! My life, my hopes, my future..." J.L.

"Each meeting is most inspirational, creating a feeling of relief overall." E.R.

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