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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you remunerated as an independent financial advisor?
We are paid on a fee-only basis, which means that the only remuneration we receive comes directly from our clients, we work for you. We believe this is the fairest method of providing financial advice, as it ensures that our interests are always aligned with yours. Since we do not receive any commission or retrocession, we act as true advisors to identify the most cost-effective and appropriate solutions to achieve your goals. Before committing, our clients know exactly how much they are paying for what services they receive.

What is the difference between working with you and my bank advisor?

As an independent financial advisor, Lyra Wealth provides truly objective and independent advice. Without any affiliation or limitation, we can select the best resources and the latest technologies, wherever they are held, to help you achieve your goals. On the contrary, your bank advisor will sell you the products of his or her employer. This ability to act as true advocates for the people we serve allows us to offer a personalized financial planning experience based on what's important to you, not the company we work for.
Can I access my money at any time?

Yes, your invested money stays in an account at a bank of your choice. At any time, you can :

  • Withdraw all or part of the funds at no extra charge.
  • Cancel the management mandate in favour of Lyra and maintain your banking relationship.
Do you invest your own money the same way you do for your customers?
Yes, our personal savings, as well as the accumulated profits for our company, are invested in the same way we recommend to our clients: a financial plan based on objectives in order to determine the optimal risk profile and a passive investment philosophy, using institutional funds to guarantee maximum performance and limited costs.
Do I need a minimum amount to work with you?
As far as financial planning and/or financial coaching services are concerned, there is no minimum. Our fees are based on an hourly rate, based on an initial estimate so you know at all times how much it will cost you. For the implementation of your financial plan and wealth management, the minimum initial capital is set at CHF 2M.

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