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Specialized Services

Think "Outside of the box"

“Outside of the box” is our favorite place to think about how else we can help our clients and the wider community. Here are a few of our favorite value-added services we’ve come up with. Are there other innovative ways we can assist? Let us know … We’re open to your ideas too!

  • Elite Advice – By being highly selective about taking on new clients, we can dedicate the time, attention and resources our existing clients deserve from us.
  • Second Opinions (“Am I getting good advice?”) – Limiting our client relationships also frees us to offer informed, fresh and objective “financial second opinions” that can serve you well, wherever your financial future may lead.  
  • Heritage Planning – Financial planning prepares your wealth for you; estate planning prepares it for your family … But is your family ready for your wealth? Combining open communications and common values with clear process, we show families how to share wealth – and a wealth of values – across the generations.

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