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Board and Advisors

Members of Lyra Financial Wealth AB, Sweden

Elisabet Andersson Photo Elisabet Andersson Hover Photo
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Elisabet Andersson


Elisabeth's lengthy experience as a leader within both the business and the non-profit sector has given her great knowledge of how to build and run companies/ organisations. She has also worked extensively with boards and seen the importance of dedicated board members who support the operational activities.

Her background within a variety of management positions has positioned her as a very good coach who thoroughly enjoys helping business/ organisation leaders to success. From the very start-up, to translating words and strategies into practical action, to building a team that works in the same direction and has the same goals.

Elisabet has worked in various corporate cultures, both nationally and internationally, for example: General Secretary at SOS Children's Villages Sweden (2000-2009) and SEB in various positions, most recently as Senior Client Executive SEB Card / SEB Group (1986-2000).

Elisabet's other board assignments are for Gålöstiftelsen, Tallparkens Vänner and Elia consult.

Sarah Miche Genequand Photo Sarah Miche Genequand Hover Photo
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Sarah Miche Genequand


Sarah’s area of expertise is governance and audit of legal structures. She uses her knowledge to help safeguard our clients' wealth and related financial interests.

Sarah was born in Geneva. In 2002, she graduated from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva with a master's degree. Four years later, she obtained the STEP Diploma in International Trust Management.

In 2003, Sarah began her professional career in the Trust business with Cititrust (Switzerland) SA and then Barclaytrust (Suisse) SA where she worked as a Trust Officer. Sarah is fluent in French and English.

Sarah sits on the board of Lyra Wealth SA and Lyra Group SA.

Markus Marquardt Photo Markus Marquardt Hover Photo
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Markus Marquardt


Markus has 20 years of experience from the financial industry, more specifically within wealth management and financial planning.

Today Markus works at Marquardt & Kollegen where he is founder, owner and board member. The company's main business is fee-only asset management.

Previously, Markus worked at EFC as Sales Manager (2004-2010) and at MLP as Financial Advisor (1998-2003). Markus has extensive experience in customer relations, leading teams and working with boards.

Markus lives and works in Germany, where he is also trained in Bank Management and Finance.

Johan Lagerbielke Photo
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Johan Lagerbielke


Johan has academic as well as practical experience of economic psychology, professional negotiation tactics and transformational processes.

He began his career at Stockholm School of Economics as a researcher in 1994-1999. There he focused on economic psychology and was part of the team that founded the first academic program on psychological negotiation for companies.  

Since then he has worked as a lecturer, consultant and trainer for a vast number of companies and organisations across Sweden.  

Johan is born and raised in Sweden. In addition to his research years he holds an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics and a Bachelor’s degree (psychology, political science and Swedish) from Stockholm University.

Peter Norman Photo Peter Norman Hover Photo
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Peter Norman

Special Advisor

Peter Norman holds an MBA in economics and has worked at Stockholm University, Sveriges Riksbank (The Swedish Central Bank), Sjunde AP-fonden AP 7 (Swedish state pension system), Alfred Berg and ABN AMRO. He has also been Minister for financial markets in the Swedish Government, Chairman of the investment committee of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Member of the Investment committee of Mistra (The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research), Advisor at SAAB’s pension fund and Chairman of Carnegie Bank.

Since many years Peter has been promoting fairness and transparency in the financial industry, amongst other through advocating for the use of science-based investing and the ban on commissions for financial advisors.