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Do you feel you could do better?

Financial Second Opinion

How can you be sure your current advisor is doing a good job?

When it comes to your physical well-being, it is standard to seek a second opinion on any medical diagnosis or treatment. Why wouldn’t you afford the same care to your financial health? Some people take their investment advisor’s word as gold, no questions asked. But others suspect they can do better. Where to begin?

We analyze your current portfolio using academic research and investment science. We will provide you a clear and comprehensive analysis, outlining your portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses. You will learn exactly what to do to improve your investments and save money.

Our analysis includes the following areas:

  • Investment strategy
  • Depository banks
  • Fees
  • Performance record
  • Risk profile
  • Financial products
  • Region and sector exposure
  • Diversification
  • Credits and Debits

How does it work?

1.Initial discussion
Contact us by phone, email or in-person. You will provide us with a portfolio statement, including its performance record.
2. Portfolio analysis
We assess your portfolio using research-backed methods.
3. Presentation of results

Approximately one week later, we send you our analysis via mail or email, as well as our advice and recommendations.

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