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Financial Planning

When it comes to investing, our emotions can often lead us to make impulsive decisions. Financial plans provide an unbiased and rational alternative.

A financial plan is a clear roadmap that guides you to better financial decisions, no extra schooling required.

"At the bank, I would sell my bank's financial products without asking myself if this was the best product for my clients. With a financial plan, my clients identify ahead of time what they need so they don't end up with expensive and unnecessary financial products."

What to expect

1. First Meeting: an open-ended conversation to identify your values, clarify your goals, and take stock of your current situation. Think of it as an “x-ray” of your financial life.

After our initial chat, we will meet virtually or in person to learn more about you, your family, and your financial situation. This first session is an opportunity for you to articulate your unique needs, desires, and financial concerns. This meeting alone typically sparks a process of reflection that leaves you more reassured about your finances.

2. Preparation of the financial plan

After the first meeting, our experts draw up a customized financial plan. We tailor the plan to your specific financial situation, so curiosity and a bit of patience are needed during this process.

3. Second Meeting: Presentation of the financial plan
We meet for a second time, whether online or in person, to go over your plan and share our conclusions and recommendations. You receive your financial plan, which will serve as the blueprint for your new financial “house.” Over the course of this meeting, we break down exactly what steps you need to take to achieve your financial goals and live your ideal life. This session often generates questions, comments, and adjustments.
4. Third Meeting: Q & A
We answer all of your questions and incorporate any necessary changes to finalize your plan. You then decide whether to implement the plan yourself or with guidance from one of our experts. We want you to leave this meeting with a clear understanding of our recommendations and a concrete action plan. You will have the confidence to make your own investment decisions and take control of your financial future! 
5. Next steps
It's up to you! Armed with your financial plan you can decide whether to implement it on your own or with the support of a professional. If you are looking for a long-term and serious partnership, Lyra offers wealth management services. If you need simply to get your plan off the ground and maintain your independence, you can opt for a session with one of our financial coaches. If you feel ready, go ahead and start investing!

What are the benefits of a financial plan?

  • Clarity: understand and visualize your next steps.
  • Control: account for all possibilities and do not be taken advantage of by your bank.
  • Savings: buy only the financial products that you need.
  • Results: avoid unwise financial decisions and improve the returns on your investments.
  • Understanding: know why and how your money is invested.
  • Confidence: gain self-confidence.
  • Research-backed: according to a study from Harvard Business School, those who have goals are 10 times more successful than those who don't. Those who actually write down their goals are 30 times more successful than those who stick to wishful thinking.

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