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This we believe …

Your money, well managed, sets you free

We’ve been inspiring prosperous families since 2006 with our uncommon approach to a common financial challenge: If you have a quantity of cash but not enough quality of life, let’s find out why – and fix it.

This we are ...

Our Story

Lyra’s Founding: what financial advice should be

Lyra Wealth was co-founded in Geneva in 2006 by Trevor Pavitt and Alexandre Arnbäck. Today we are a team, working with a select group of global clients from offices in Geneva and Stockholm. Read our individual bios.

A Better Story to Tell

These are the facts. Now, who are we, really? For all the fancy advice from fancy experts, we’ve found what people are really looking for is a coach, not a guru. That’s what we want too.  

Even when the global recession hit shortly after our founding, we did not waver from our founding values. Instead, we hunkered down and wrote a book – from our hearts to yours. It’s called, “Heal Your Investments: A Story Your Banker Will Never Tell You.”

Read more of our Lyra story 

Once Upon a Time …

Remember when you first decided you could use some help managing your money? What was your frame of mind?

The Usual Investor Thinks …

“With a little luck and a lot of skill, anyone should be able to get rich playing the market. I want to find an expert of my own, and go along for the ride!”

If this describes you and your investment goals, we wish you all the best … but your story isn’t ours. We don’t help people gamble with what they’ve got in pursuit of more.

Lyra Investors Know …  

“Investing isn’t a game; it’s a discipline. I love having a financial expert who knows me, what I’m up against, and how to invest sensibly, preserving my money and protecting my personal interests."

Would you like to spend your free time enjoying your wealth instead of forever chasing more of it – employing a sensible investment solution to help you do just that? If that’s your story, we’d love to help you live it.

Alexandre Arnbäck Photo Alexandre Arnbäck Hover Photo

Alexandre Arnbäck

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Alexandre's passion is to accompany clients in clarifying their current position, coach them through the drafting of a personal plan and address all their challenges to ensure they reach their goals.

Born in Geneva, Alexandre has Swiss and Swedish nationalities. He holds an MBA obtained between the ESADE, Barcelona and Duke University, USA.

Alexandre began his professional career in 1996 at LEM SA as head of Analytical Accounting, before joining Darier Hentsch & Cie, which was then on the verge of merging to become the well known private bank, Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch & Cie. He remained a private banker for eight years, spending his time between Geneva, Switzerland and Nassau, Bahamas. Alexandre speaks five languages: French, Swedish, English, Spanish and German.

Trevor Pavitt Photo Trevor Pavitt Hover Photo

Trevor Pavitt

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Trevor leverages his 20 years of banking experience to help people with their financial transitions.

His career in banking - namely with, Trade Development Bank, Boston Trust & eposit Co, American Express Bank, KPMG and Digital - led him to work in the United States and Brazil. He then returned to Geneva, where he served for ten years as Director of the Iberia & Latin America Team with Barclays Wealth.

Born in Canada, Trevor holds Swiss and British passports. In 1986, he graduated from the University of Geneva with a degree in business and obtained a stockbroker license two years later from the Securities and Exchange Commission in New York. He also studied management at the INSEAD of Paris. In addition to French and English, Trevor also is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

Sarah Genequand Miche Photo Sarah Genequand Miche Hover Photo

Sarah Genequand Miche

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Sarah enjoys sparkling women’s interest to finance. She uses her knowledge to help them better understand, control their finances and increase their self-confidence.

Sarah was born in Geneva. In 2002, she obtained her masters from the Institute of International Studies in Geneva. Four years later, she obtained the STEP Diploma in International Trust Management. Her area of expertise includes governance and audit of legal structures.

 In 2003, Sarah began her professional career in the Trust business with Cititrust (Switzerland) SA and then Barclaytrust (Swiss) SA where she worked as a Trust Officer. She then joined Alexandre and Trevor at Lyra. Sarah is fluent in French and English.

Sara Clason Photo Sara Clason Hover Photo

Sara Clason

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Sara focuses on individuals that have time-consuming careers. She ensures they can stay in control of their personal finances in the most efficient manner possible, facilitating quick, informed decisions.

Born in Stockholm to a Swedish mother and a Lebanese father, Sara has lived and worked in London, Stockholm, Dubai and Geneva. She holds a B.A from the University of Lund and a M.Sc. from the London School of Economics.

Sara began her career in Stockholm in 2004 with Fred Wachtmeister & Partners as a consultant helping wealthy families reduce bank and fiscal costs. Three years later she joined NASDAQ Dubai in the UAE where she managed the business development team. After moving to Geneva Sara worked for RBS Coutts before joining Lyra. Sara is fluent in English and Swedish.

Markus Marquardt Photo Markus Marquardt Hover Photo

Markus Marquardt

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Markus is eager to understand what really matters for his clients, how they want to live their life and which challenges they are facing. In a detailed investment plan developed together with his clients, he develops solutions and accompanies clients to make sure they reach their goals as fast and safely as possible. Markus believes in transforming people´s uncertainty about financial markets into a feeling of safety and financial freedom.

After his apprenticeship at a tax accountant, he studied and graduated in economics with a focus on banking, finance and investing.

Markus began his career in 1998. After 12 years in two different financial services companies, he founded MARQUARDT & KOLLEGEN in 2011 with the vision to provide true and independent financial advice.

Seriously, You Can Do Better (Ask Us How!)

Raise your hand if this is you: You’re a thriving banker, and have been for a while. When you began, you imagined how satisfying it would be, to be fairly compensated for helping good people take good care of their money. Then, reality sunk in. Day by day, memo by memo, sales pitch by sales pitch – instead of being part of an exemplary team, you’ve been left feeling disappointed, your ideals brushed away. 

The good news is, you can do better – for you and your clients. We know, because we’ve been there. We are former bankers too, who got fed up with sacrificing our values to conflicting corporate quotas. In 2006, we broke away and founded Lyra Wealth, an independent advisory firm in Geneva and Stockholm with a better approach to financial care.

Would you like to learn more about joining a team where your values are appreciated, your fee-only compensation is aligned with your clients’ best interests, and you own the success you earn?

 If so, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out for a confidential conversation.


How can you live with the liberty of a man with no assets but the luxury of a rich man?

 Give us a call and we’ll tell you the rest of our tale.

This we do ...

We bring institutional investing to your personal wealth preservation

Wealth Preservation

Why stress out about what’s going on in the markets if you’ve already won the game? For many families, forever piling on market risk hoping to achieve higher returns runs counter to enjoying the ideal, carefree life they have in mind. Their money becomes a burden instead of the blessing it should be.

Employing evidence-based investing  to manage your money, we achieve two ends: We shift your focus from chasing wealth, to organizing, optimizing and appreciating it. Plus, the portion of your wealth that we do put to work in our capital markets is positioned for maximum returns within your risk profile.

Financial Coaching

Working side by side with our client, we further shift the typical investor-advisor relationship from being transactional to being liberating. We replace “What can we sell you today?” with “How can we bring you a sense of financial release?”  

  • A financial coach … helps you preserve, grow and enjoy the wealth you’ve already got.
  • A financial coach … has your back, and isn’t afraid to tell it to you straight.
  • A financial coach … takes personal ownership in speeding you toward your ideal financial future.  

Institutional Investing

Here’s one of the secrets in our book that your banker will never tell you: You can take back control of your finances by investing – preserving your wealth to spend it as you choose by employing cost-effective investment strategies and opportunities typically found among institutional-level investors.

We’ll show you how superior performance isn’t about chasing hot markets, getting rich quickly or piling up the most money. It’s about capturing available returns, patiently, sensibly, according to your personal goals and risk tolerances. Invest according to these good habits – known as evidence-based investing – and we’ve found that outperformance naturally follows. We translate our strategy into institutional-level execution by offering access to Dimensional Fund Advisors and similar fund managers whose funds are often otherwise unavailable to everyday investors.

Financial Planning

Properly done, financial planning means way more than simply allocating your assets here and there based on a one-off questionnaire. At Lyra, your financial plan is personal and ongoing. It’s built out of clear process and sensible solutions, guided by tailored tending to your individual financial interests – all of them.

Specialized Services

“Outside of the box” is our favorite place to think about how else we can help our clients and the wider community. Here are a few of our favorite value-added services we’ve come up with. Are there other innovative ways we can assist? Let us know … We’re open to your ideas too!

  • Elite Advice – By being highly selective about taking on new clients, we can dedicate the time, attention and resources our existing clients deserve from us.
  • Second Opinions (“Am I getting good advice?”) – Limiting our client relationships also frees us to offer informed, fresh and objective “financial second opinions” that can serve you well, wherever your financial future may lead.  
  • Heritage Planning – Financial planning prepares your wealth for you; estate planning prepares it for your family … But is your family ready for your wealth? Combining open communications and common values with clear process, we show families how to share wealth – and a wealth of values – across the generations.

The Fine Heart of Financial Advice

No kickbacks, no doublespeak, no kidding … this is what financial advice is supposed to be.

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Here's to your wealth

We’ll show you how to “Heal Your Investments” by applying what institutions already know and do to preserve their foundational wealth and fund their ongoing aspirations. In fact, we wrote the book on it, for people just like you.


This you deserve


More Living
(Less Worrying)


Exceptional Service


Sound Advice


Better Conversations

You Deserve an Advisor Who Is on Your Side

In industry jargon, Lyra is a fee-only advisor. In plain-speak, that means we don’t accept commissions or any other incentives for selling other people’s products to you. Plain and simple, we earn our keep – all of it – by offering you our best advice … best for you. What other sort of advice is worth heeding?

You Deserve Advice That… 

  • Simplifies everything 
  • Cuts out the clutter 
  • Enhances true understanding 
  • Is in your highest financial interest, always 

We're listening

We’ve shared our story. Let’s hear yours.  


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For cross border situations: Sweden: the services are provided by Lyra Financial Wealth AB  Switzerland: the services are provided by Lyra Wealth SA Germany: the services are provided by Marquardt & Kollegen GmbH & CO KG

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In Germany, Lyra is supervised by IHK für München und Oberbayern

For cross border situations: Sweden: the services are provided by Lyra Financial Wealth AB  Switzerland: the services are provided by Lyra Wealth SA Germany: the services are provided by Marquardt & Kollegen GmbH & CO KG

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